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 The Official Rules & Regulations (Version I)

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PostSubject: The Official Rules & Regulations (Version I)   Tue Nov 25, 2008 7:38 pm

Here are some of the basic rules you must follow in this forum.

No Cursing/Foul Language - You must not post inappropriate things like bad language, drugs, sexual language, etc.
No Advertising - You must not post a topic with a blog/site on it. Yes, I'll allow websites or links in the signature.
No Bumping - You must not post in a topic that is really old to bump it up to the top. It confuses other people. (example of bumping: posting in a topic from 3 months ago that is way at the bottom of the list.) Please don't do this or you will recieve an infraction.
No Spamming - You must not spam or make pointless threads. One of the admins/mods will delete/lock the forum and you will receive one step of getting banned.
Respect other Players - You must be kind to other players. Not only in the forum, but outside. (e.g. Gary is stupid, Mimo is spoiled)
No Multiple Accounts - You must not attempt to create multiple accounts period. If I figure out you have multiple accounts, every account except the first one will be PERMANENTLY banned.
No Back Seat Modding - If you tell someone someone broke the rules even if you are not a mod, admin, or goldie, you will receive an infraction. And no, you won't increase your chances of being a mod. Just decrease.
No Posting In Locked Topics - This is for anyone who has the ability to post in locked topics. Please do NOT post in a locked topic! If you do, an admin will evaluate the topic to see if it was locked for a good reason or not, and if it was locked for a good reason, you will receive an infraction.
No Double Posting - Please don't double post! Instead of making another post, please edit your thread/post and put something like this:

Update: jvvlhagvuohafaosd (please don't talk like this, it counts as spam.)

Let me answer some Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. What does "SPAM" mean?
A. Spam stands for "Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages". Please don't put random/off topic posts/threads.
Q. Are there any other rules?
A. Well, you will know what "bad behavior" and "good behavior" means. Please be obedient in the forums. Remember that little kids are here too.
Q. OK. I understand the rules.
A. Ok. Come on and run around the forum!
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The Official Rules & Regulations (Version I)
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