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PostSubject: SWF''s   Sun May 17, 2009 4:08 pm

Portuguese SWFS: If u see /en/ in the link swap it with /pt/

French SWFS: If u see /en/ in the link swap it with /fr/

3rd Anniversary Party
Main site:

First ever Header (watch and wait)
Second Header (watch and wait)
Third Header:×90.swf
Third Header (turquoise backround):
Fourth Header (bad quality):
Fourth Header (good quality):
Fifth Header: (click the “N” in nightclub)
Sixth Header:
Sixth Header (zoomed in):
Old Miniclip Header:
Miniclip Advertisement:×250/.swf
Old Play Button:
Old Edit Your Account:
Old Cancel Membership:
Old Cancel Your Account:
Fake Club Penguin Login: (do not use)
Old Club Penguin Site:
Home Page Animation (Rockhopper here):
Home Page Animation (Fall Fair):
Home Page Animation (3rd Anniversary):
Home Page Animation (Halloween):
Old Miniclip Advertisement:
Old Video (featuring betas):
Home Page Video:
Coins For Change Video:
Club Penguin Is Temporarily Down:
Club Penguin Is Temporarily Down 2:
How to Play Video:
How to Edit Your Igloo Video:
Club Penguin Advertisement:
Weird 2!:
Penguin Poll Test:
Safety Badge:
CPIP Site 1:
CPIP Site 2:
CPIP Site 3:
3rd Anniversary New York Video Frame:
Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 1:
Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 2:
In Game:

Load Error:
Basic Penguin:
Moderator Online:
Report A Player:
Constant Loading:
Submit Info To Penguin Times:
Membership Message:
Egg Timer:
V.I.P Only:
Clock Tower Message:
How To Play Mancala:
How To Play Treasure Hunt:
Tour Booth:
Tour Guide Manual:
Tour Guide Quiz:
Agent Quiz:

Rockhopper and the Stowaway:
Frank’s First Show:
The Spice of Life:
Truth or Dare!:
Penguin Tales ‘07:
Penguin Tales ‘08:
Yearbook 2005-2006:
Yearbook 2006-2007:
Yearbook 2007-2008:
Rockhopper’s Journal:
Newspaper and Catalogs:

Newspaper Archive:
Polish Newspaper 70th Issue:
Newspaper 107th Issue:
Newspaper 108th Issue:
Newspaper 109th Issue:
Newspaper 110th Issue:
Newspaper 111th Issue:
Newspaper 112th Issue:
Newspaper 113th Issue:
Newspaper 114th Issue:
Newspaper 115th Issue:
Newspaper 116th Issue:
Newspaper 142th Issue:
Clothing Catalog Nov 2007 (usually works):
Clothing Catalog July 2008:
Wig catalog June 2008:
Sports catalog June 2008:
Costume Catalog (penguins that time forgot):
Igloo Catalog Nov 2007:
Igloo Catalog Dec 2007:
Igloo catalog June 2008
Furniture Catalog Nov 2007:
Furniture Catalog Dec 2007:
Furniture Catalog June 2008:
Puffle Catalog:
PuffleFurniture Catalog:
F.I.S.H Catalog:
Rockhopper’s Catalog:
Music Catalog:
T-Shirt Shop:

Find Four:
Treasure Hunt:
Sled Racing:
Rocket Snail Games (rsnails site):

Ballistic Biscuit/Hydro Hopper (frog version):
Ballistic Biscuit/Hydro Hopper (human version):
Classic Mancala:
Snail Mancala:
Word Crunch:
Word Crunch (christmas version):
Word Crunch (cowboy version):
Pin Locations:

Firework Pin:
Treble Clef Pin:
Vinyl Disc Pin:
Dodgeball Pin:
150th Newspaper Pin:
Magnifying Glass Pin:
Lollipop Pin:
Anniversary Cake:

Map (no stage):
Map (soccer pitch):
Igloo Map (without list)
Igloo Map:
Old Town:
Soccer Pitch:
Soccer Pitch (alternative link)
Town: (showing soccer pitch)
Coffee Shop:
Coffee Shop (café style)
Book Room:
Night Club (no green puffle):
Night Club (no DJ3K):
Night Club:
Gift Shop:
The Migrator:
Ship Nest:
Ship Hold:
Captains Quarters:
Old Plaza: (no stage, puffle shop isn’t open)
Plaza (with tour guide stand?)
Plaza (Under Construction)
Plaza (Rally):
Plaza (Penguins that time forgot):
Plaza (Squidzoid):
Plaza (Ruby and the Ruby):
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PostSubject: Re: SWF's   Sun May 17, 2009 10:36 pm

What IS all that? Holy crap! ⭐
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