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 The Official Rules & Regulations (Version II)

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H. Salps
H. Salps

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PostSubject: The Official Rules & Regulations (Version II)   Sat May 08, 2010 10:57 am

Welcome to Gaming Penguins and forum created by Emess. You are required to read the rules to avoid being infracted/banned by Moderators. Thank you.

No Spamming. The means posts that contain random letter(s) or number(s), one-worded posts, one-emoticon posts, or one-image posts. Spamming also includes being off-topic, advertising in places other than designated areas, or double posting.

No Adult Content Gaming Penguins is an all ages forum-- so Adult Content (Pornography, swears, gore, hentai) is strictly banned from this forum. Any member who does not follow this rule will receive a 3-21 day ban depending on the content

Try To Use Grammar StIcKy CaPs, or any variations are not allowed. Acronyms such as "lol" or "rofl" or any other acronym are allowed to be used (these also do not count as one-worded posts). Leet speak or "1377 5p34k" is allowed but please do not overuse it. If anyone does, leet speak will be banned.

Celebrity bashing is not allowed under any circumstances. Celebrity bashing is insulting to some people and your unreal statement does not need to be posted. Treat other people’s viewpoints with respect and dignity.

Posting anything illegal (free downloads of TV episodes, banned images, torrents, etc.) is not allowed. It is not only against forum rules, but it is against the law. Please do not post this in Gaming Penguins- not only does it get you in trouble but us as well.

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The Official Rules & Regulations (Version II)
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